How to Handle a Burnt Vape Coil: Repair Tips

How to Handle a Burnt Vape Coil: Repair Tips

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, but like any electronic device, vape coils can sometimes burn out. A burnt vape coil can ruin your vaping experience by producing a harsh, burnt taste and reducing the amount of vapor produced. However, there are ways to handle a burnt vape coil and repair it so you can continue enjoying your favorite e-juices.

One common cause of a burnt vape coil is chain vaping, which occurs when you take multiple puffs in quick succession without allowing the coil to cool down between hits. This can lead to the wick becoming dry and burning the cotton inside the coil. To prevent this from happening, try taking longer breaks between hits or using a lower wattage setting on your device.

If you notice that your vape coil is burnt, the first step is to remove it from your device. Most vape coils are easy to replace and can be unscrewed from the tank with just a few twists. Once you have removed the burnt coil, inspect it for any signs of damage such as blackened or charred wick material.

If only part of the wick is burned, you may be able to salvage the coil by trimming off the damaged section with a pair of scissors. Be sure to trim carefully so as not to damage any other parts of the coil. Once you have trimmed away the burnt section, reassemble your tank and test-fire your device to see if it produces vapor without any unpleasant tastes.

Another method for repairing a burnt vape coil is known as dry-burning. This involves heating up the coil until any remaining residue burns off, leaving behind clean metal wire that can be reused. To dry burn your coil, remove it from your tank and attach it to a mod with variable wattage settings. Set your device to a low wattage (around 10-15 watts) and pulse-fire the coil for several seconds until it glows red hot.

After dry burning your coil, allow it to cool down before reassembling your tank and testing it again for proper functionality. If done correctly, dry burning can help extend the life of your coils by removing built-up residue that causes them to burn out prematurely.

In conclusion, handling how to fix a burnt vape mean throwing it away and buying a new one. By following these repair tips such as trimming damaged wicks or dry burning dirty coils, you can save money and continue enjoying flavorful clouds of vapor from your favorite e-juices. Remember to always practice safe vaping techniques and monitor your coils regularly for signs of wear and tear.